Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama + UPS, part two

Eric Johnson visited this morning from Los Angeles. He's a music supervisor in LA who also makes films and plays in some bands and just enjoys life, a big-hearted dude.

Eric walked with me to the UPS store. I was sending a letter to Ellen Moran, who was recently named Obama's Director of Communications.

After yesterday's lovefest with UPS, today was a little disappointing. More like visiting the set of The Office.

I'm sure my package will be well-delivered though, and Eric and I had a nice walk. Here's a sign we spotted on the way.

Here is Eric pointing to John Jay's new restaurant in Chinatown, called Ping. I'm sure it will be hot.

The Chinatown gate.

I don't know what if anything will happen with Obama. I just want to help in any way I can.

I've never felt anything like this before, this unbridled optimism and sense for what is possible as a country. is mind-boggling to me. They are asking us how we feel about health care? Incredible. It feels like Google or Apple is in charge - so smart, open, human. It's a privilege to participate in all of this, to be alive right now.

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