Monday, November 17, 2008

My morning

I stopped by my old coffee shop, the Peet's @ NW Couch and 11th. Peet's is the my favorite coffee place ever. Their brewed coffee destroys everyone else's, I like it more than Stumptown (gasp!) and the baristas are all awesome. They are focused on the coffee. They're not too friendly and up-with-people. It took a while before Tausha would give me a smile like this. I had to earn it. I respect that.

Their coffee is so good and strong and perfect. I could drink another cup right now. I enjoy the fine people at Backspace, and I like the food there, and I like that they are an independent, but I miss Peet's.

Then I sat in my car in the parking lot and had an enjoyable conversation with my brother Ted.

Then this dog drove up next to me.

Then I went up to my office and went into the shared bathroom and saw that leaves on the plant above the sink have turned a waxy yellow, which may not be healthy, but sure look pretty.


stori and tausha said...

wow! I feel so lucky to be on your blog!! thanks David...... Jelly! During lunch today I read your blog. Like your brother, I like to read your blog.....keep it up!


Lucy Helm said...

So I guess you don't really expect me to keep my job at Starbucks.