Monday, October 6, 2008

Thom Walters and I visited the monks

For the last two years, Thom Walters has been working with me as an executive coach.

We both had big changes happening on October 1, and we celebrated the transitions with a drive to Mt. Angel Monastery, about an hour away from Portland, east of Salem.

We received a royal welcome from Fr. Vincent, the retreat master. We attended service, spent time in Alvar Aalto's wonderful library, had lunch with Fr. Vincent and ended up celebrating his feast day - something akin to a birthday party for a monk - along with another Brother and some staff at the monastery.

It was a wonderful day, and an appropriate way to mark this transitional time for both of us. On the day we visited, gardeners were treating the lawn, tractors blowing great clowds of fertilizer into the air as we walked around the campus, something that you could consider a coincidence.

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