Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make something

12.5 created this installation in my last few days at W+K. The shortest letters are 14" tall, so the thing is a huge.

The amount of craft and care that went into each letter is remarkable. The e in something is made from the fingers of hundreds of vintage men's and women's leather gloves, stuffed and sewn together. It evokes such a strange emotional reaction, bizarre and funny and sad all at once? It smells like a childhood memory of my mother.

I suppose the message is something of a reminder to get out of our heads and create. In our business, it's easy to be seduced into using our brains to solve problems. Meetings can be more like debates, with the fastest and clever-est seeming to "win."

One strategy is to leave the meeting, staying as confused as you can possibly be about the problem you are trying to solve, and use your creative muscle to make something, something that might seem like it doesn't make any sense, and put it on the wall, and look at it. Find someone you trust to look at it with you.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad that neon a didn't plug into the socket on the m.

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