Monday, October 6, 2008

Life after Wieden+Kennedy

I tried starting a blog while I was ECD at Wieden but I got too self-conscious about what I was saying. I never even published it.

I am on my own now and can say anything I want.

Tom Spanbauer came to teach us at 12 a few times and he told us about when he was growing up, a confused young gay man living on a farm in Idaho, he was saved by writing. Someone gave him a journal, a private place where he could say anything he wanted. He wrote on the cover, Things I Know To Be True. It was the beginning of him discovering who he was.

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Will Holmes said...

Hey Jelly.
Living in London in a recession is ace.
My fiance mentioned Howard Roark the other day, so I had to pick up The Fountainhead and start again from the start. I didn't read it properly the first time, but I rather love it. Yes, the writing is a bit rubbish sometimes, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Anyway, thank you for the book.