Monday, October 6, 2008

Lunch in the Dekum building

This used to be Wieden+Kennedy's headquarters. I went to work here in 1992 as a 27 year-old art director. I hadn't lived more than a day's drive from Louisville, so I was very excited. It was a dream, really.

The building was an old department store. It had an atrium running to the roof, and Wieden & Kennedy put in a basketball court on the 5th floor. In the third photo, the semicircular window on the corner under the traffic signal looks into Dan Wieden's old office.

The payphone in the foreground, we knew the number, and we used to stand in Dan's office and call strangers and talk about different things.

W+K moved to the Pearl district in 2000 I think, and Dekum Bldg. is once again available for lease.

I had lunch today at the Blue Plate diner on the first floor. I had the Monday special: grits with chicken and peppers. It was delicious, like everything I've ever eaten there.

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