Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God heard hope, money, weapons

Since I've left 12, it's changed the nature of my relationship with my former students, some for the better. A few have dropped by in the couple of weeks I've been gone, and it's been nice. Since the roles have changed - no longer formally teacher/student, nor ECD/W+K employee - the conversation has become much more direct and open. Neither of us want or expect a thing from each other other than honest listening, maybe encouragement. Feels more like being a grandparent than being a parent maybe? Or maybe brother.

One student came by last week and took this photo of me in my studio, which he dubbed my monastic cave.

While he was here, we translated his name and came up with this. I've always felt that studying the meaning of your name gives you a clue as to what your path is in this world.

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